A non-profit organization named Jobifinder embarked on a mission to make a difference. Fueled by a passion for positive change, Jobifinder set its sights on empowering the lives of the local communities in the developing world.

The journey began with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the people in Pakistan. Unemployment and lack of skills were rampant, hindering the progress of the community. Jobifinder recognized that sustainable change could only come through economic empowerment and skill development.

With this vision in mind, Jobifinder initiated a series of programs aimed at enhancing employability and fostering skill sets among the local population. The organization collaborated with experts and educators to design tailored training programs that addressed the specific needs of the community.

As a civic organization, we fervently encourage work and talent in developing nations as well as in areas where many talented people find it difficult to flourish in Western markets. Such support is necessary for a number of compelling reasons, including:

  • Economic Growth and Development: We support the economic growth and development of these areas by investing in and developing the talent there. Local enterprises, industries, and job possibilities are created when people are given the freedom to use their knowledge and abilities efficiently.
  • Poverty Reduction: Work in developing nations can have a big impact on reducing poverty. When brilliant people are given the chance to succeed, they can improve their communities and bring about constructive change, which has an impact on society as a whole.
  • Empowerment and Dignity: By giving the people in these areas the freedom to follow their passions and goals, we can instill in them a feeling of self-worth and dignity. They are able to take charge of their life and create better futures for their children and themselves.
  • Brain Drain Mitigation: Talented people from these areas are frequently persuaded to leave their home nations in search of greater prospects in the West, which causes a brain drain. We can address this problem and promote the retention of talent within local communities by assisting local endeavors.
  • Promoting talent in multicultural areas encourages understanding and cross-cultural exchange. It enables the exchange of distinctive viewpoints, customs, and knowledge, enhancing global civilization as a whole.
  • Collaboration between Western markets and talent-rich regions can lead to the development of lasting global alliances. We can create a more open and collaborative global economy by appreciating and leveraging the advantages of each region.
  • Diverse backgrounds and experiences frequently result in unique solutions and problem-solving techniques. We can tap into a wealth of inventiveness and innovation that can benefit the entire world by fostering talent across borders.

Addressing worldwide challenges: Numerous worldwide issues, including pandemics, poverty, and climate change, call for global cooperation and innovative solutions. Collaboration is encouraged and can be used to successfully solve these urgent problems by supporting projects in talent-rich regions and developing nations. As a civic organization, we see the enormous significance of promoting labor and talent in third-world countries and locations with untapped potential. By doing this, we help create a more just, prosperous, and connected world for all people.


Our mission is to foster social and economic justice by nurturing talent and innovation in developing nations and underserved areas, enabling individuals to unleash their potential, uplift their communities, and contribute to a more equitable global society.


We envision a world where every corner of the globe, from developing nations to underrepresented regions, is a thriving hub of creativity, innovation, and economic vitality. As a dedicated civic organization, our vision is grounded in the belief that talent knows no boundaries and that nurturing talent in diverse and often overlooked areas holds the key to a brighter, more interconnected future.

Our goals:

  • Economic Growth and Development: Our goal is to stimulate economic growth and development in developing nations by increasing investment in local enterprises and industries by 20% over the next three years, measured by the creation of new businesses and job opportunities.
  • Poverty Reduction: We aim to reduce the poverty rate in targeted areas by 15% within the next five years, with progress tracked through regular assessments of the poverty rate in our operational regions.
  • Empowerment and Dignity: Our goal is to empower and instill a sense of dignity in individuals in underserved regions by providing education and skill development opportunities to 1,000 people within the next two years, with success measured by program completion and employment outcomes.
  • Brain Drain Mitigation: We seek to address the issue of brain drain by reducing the rate of talented individuals leaving their home countries by 30% in the next three years, measured by the number of individuals choosing to stay and contribute to their local communities.
  • Promoting Multicultural Exchange: Our goal is to promote understanding and cross-cultural exchange by facilitating cultural exchange programs involving talent from diverse backgrounds in at least five countries within the next year, with success measured by the number of participants and program effectiveness.
  • Collaborative Global Alliances: We aim to establish partnerships and collaborations with talent-rich regions in at least three continents within the next three years, measured by the number of alliances formed and their impact on local economies.
  • Innovation and Problem-Solving: Our goal is to foster cross-border innovation by supporting at least 50 cross-cultural projects within the next two years, with success measured by the number of projects initiated, their impact, and innovative solutions developed.

Nominal fees:

At our organization, we believe in transparency and sustainability. To support our mission of continuously improving our website, organizing events, and funding programs that enhance the user experience, we have established nominal fees. These fees include a 10% charge on the seller and a 3% charge on the buyer for their respective transactions.

These fees are essential to facilitate our ongoing commitment to innovation, which ensures a cutting-edge and user-friendly platform. They also enable us to create meaningful events and support valuable programs that benefit our community.

We want to emphasize that every transaction fee collected will be meticulously documented and displayed in a transparent manner in our civic association's annual financial statement. This transparency underscores our dedication to accountability and ensuring that every contribution directly contributes to the betterment of our platform and the experiences of our users."

Volunteer opportunities:

We are a bunch of young people who could no longer passively watch the direction that social and economic equality is taking in the world. Let's help. Drop us a line and let's see if we can start working together. 

Formation of teams:

Certainly, it's possible to form teams and collaborate over messages and online platforms to create something like an online agency where marketers, copywriters, project managers, coders, and other professionals can work together. Here's a statement that emphasizes the potential for building teams in an online environment:

We recognize the incredible potential of modern communication tools and online platforms in facilitating collaboration and innovation. With this in mind, we see the opportunity to form teams that transcend physical boundaries and function as a cohesive unit, just like an online agency. This virtual agency concept enables us to connect individuals with diverse skills, including marketers, copywriters, project managers, coders, and more.

In this digital age, we believe in harnessing the power of technology to bring together talents from various domains, enabling them to share ideas, innovate, and collectively contribute to our projects. By utilizing online channels, we can seamlessly build and manage teams, fostering collaboration, and leveraging the unique strengths of each team member.

This approach not only embraces the flexibility and convenience of online work but also recognizes the potential for creating dynamic and versatile teams capable of tackling a wide range of challenges. We look forward to harnessing the capabilities of our virtual agency to deliver exceptional results and achieve our collective goals."


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